Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rockwell Automation on the move 2016 Wilmington DE

This new Safe zone mini scanner was really interesting. You can program warning and alarm zones to fit odd areas or difficult spots were a laser gate would be impractical and intrusive.
This is the larger more robust safezone scanner
Out on the main floor endress and houser had a process control display with various transducers
Here's another view of the miniature process skid
On the first day after lunch I took a panel view productivity session in and tried some new features. One of my favorite was the PDF viewer. 
Various files are presented to the user. These could be SOP, or OPL, process guidelines. You could also set a HMI button to display the appropriate file of your choice to the user when called for.
Reading the file was similar to a Kindle e reader. Swiping for pages and tapping to zoom. Load times were slow but performance while reading was excellent
So I went to the wrong class the first day and missed this class. The good thing was the class had seats and I was registered for this class at another time. So I found seats for the second day.
This is the trainer for the Ethernet IP session. I had a chance to add both the 5700 and stratix 8000 to a project and configure them.
This is just a huge 350 HP VFD O thought looked cool, I don't have any this big at my plant.
Showing some of the capacitor bank and Controls
I think this is the switching section
As always a good joke on a HMI
One of the sessions I took, I went to a few
Over all it was an amazing experience, a few problems like canceled sessions and Mr going to the wrong room, but over all it was an amazing chance to test skills and try out new features. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Allen Bradley Logix designer Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

Interpreting ladder logic structure
Locating and editing Tag values
Interpreting bit instructions
Interpreting frequently used instructions
Interpreting arrays
Interpreting tags of user defined types